classic car in havana cuba

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I hope you have fun plans for a margarita or tacos later.  I know that this was supposed to go up last Friday, but I was out of town and didn’t want to go 2 months without sharing a few of my recent favorites.

TRAVEL: I’m back from Cuba and can’t wait to share my experience with you guys next week.  I was in a rush to go because I wanted to visit before too much changed.  If you have that same fear, don’t worry.  You have time. Not much had changed and there weren’t many construction cranes in Havana signaling a fast change.  Cuba is a fascinating country of contradictions that definitely isn’t for everyone.  If you are okay stepping back in time a bit and going off the grid while immersing yourself in culture, you will love it.

FASHION: J.Crew has been killing it with their new arrivals recently!  I think the brand went through a low period, but is definitely back in my mind.  I just hope they can overcome their financial issues and continue turning out amazing clothes.  I want almost everything is the last batch of new arrivals, but have narrowed my list down to this shirt, this wrap tee, these shorts,  and this perfect for summer dress!

LISTEN/READ: I finished S-Town from last month.  While it was interesting, I don’t think it lived up to the hype of being the next Serial…  What do you guys think?  My favorite book from the past month was “A Gentleman in Moscow“.  It is a beautifully written story of an aristocrat sentenced to house arrest in a luxury hotel just after WWI in Russia.  He narrates the passage of time and how he finds a new purpose in his life.  While it was a little slow in the middle, I really enjoyed it and looking forward to Amor Towles’ other books!

MISC:  Have you guys seen the new Amazon Echo Look device?  It is an Amazon Echo that will include a camera that can take outfit pictures, store your pictures as a lookbook, tell you what outfit looks best, and recommend styles for you.  It is interesting, but I don’t know if I’m sold on it….  I think I would rather just keep texting back and forth with my friends about what to wear, lol!  What do you think?

BLOG LOVE: I don’t know what it says about my mood last month, but my favorite posts last month weren’t fashion related.  I loved Gina’s post on building and exercising your risk muscle.  It was a great reminder to practice stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I also found Krista’s take on the recent Instagram changes interesting and refreshing.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  I have to buy new running shoes since I signed up to run a 10K on July 4th.  Other than that I’m laying pretty low and trying to recover from this week.  The first days back after vacation are always tough!  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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